As I mentioned in my previous posts, I’m in a very low place at the moment during this summer. So because of this, I decided to go back and visit some people that helped me get well and get my life back on track. As well as seeing these people, I’ve also gone and seen some friends that I met when I was trying to make myself better. I’m currently receiving help and my friends are also helping out when they can. I’ve decided to talk about friends in this post as friends can really mean a lot when you’re going through a tough time in your life. Even though I’ve seen some friends who have helped me and are helping me, someone I used to be friends with has upset me quite a lot.
When I had some help before, I met someone who I became friends with. We started a group chat with my other friends but a while ago, she stopped responding in the group chat. She also started ignoring me so I gave up trying to speak to her and deleted her. Since I’ve come back though and because I lost a lot of memory, I thought I should give her a call and see how she was. I asked if she wanted to meet up and she said she wanted too but she wasn’t in a very good place at the moment. So I thought this would be a really good chance to catch up and help each other out as by the sounds of it, we both needed it. I tried messaging again with no response. I tried calling a few times until yesterday she finally responded. She basically said I needed to stop calling her every day and to stop bothering her and to leave her alone. She said it differently but luckily, my memory isn’t great at the moment so I don’t remember the exact words she used. This has really upset me as she made out I was constantly calling her every day, texting her nonstop and just not leaving her alone. I sent her 5 messages in the last month and I called her twice in the last week. I called once on Monday and once on Tuesday. I’ve missed her and it has been 5+ years since we’ve spoken so I thought it would be nice to catch up. Instead she had a massive go at me and put me in an even worse mood. I really don’t need to be in any worse of a mental state than I already am. It just really upset me because we used to be really close and then she just decided to cut me out of her life. It’s just another question I have without an answer. I’ve had a lot of friends throughout my life, many I’ve kept in touch with and many I’ve lost because they did something really horrible to me. I had a really close group of friends in school once but we hate each other now. We had a huge argument because I invited my best friend to a party with them and they didn’t like him so I stood up for him and a massive fight happened.
So the friend I tried getting in contact with recently isn’t the first friend to hurt me and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I’ve kept my best friend for 21 years now, I’ve got friends from school who heard about my accident and wished me well and I have all my University friends and friends I’m with now who are helping me through this rough time. I just needed to vent in this post because I really wanted to see that friend again and she really hurt me when I’m already struggling so much right now. Have any of you ever been hurt by a friend? Maybe even lost friends in the past? Had arguments with friends? If you want to vent about your situation or give your thoughts on mine, then feel free to post a comment. Thanks :), until next time…

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