Thank You :)

Thank youI wanted to make this post to say thank you to everyone that’s given me likes, been following me and giving me support with my blog. Being able to vent about what I’ve been going through and am going through means a lot. Also being able to stay anonymous also makes me feel good as I can say anything without people knowing or judging me. I won’t go into everything that’s happened as there are just some things I never ever want to speak about with anyone but the things I have mentioned I feel comfortable speaking about without revealing my identity.I may even revel that one day if I feel comfortable enough.

I also wanted to apologise for the bad design and not having any picture or logo for my blog at the moment. This is my first ever official blog and I’ve never been great at design or been very artistic so I wanted to say sorry and say that I am working on all of these things and I will eventual make my blog look good :). I’ve also always been very hard on myself for not being able to do something or being bad at something so don’t worry, I’m beating myself up for this blog not being very good at the moment so if you’re feeling frustrated with it at the moment, don’t worry because I’m feeling the same as you. That sentence wasn’t even very good. Anyway, I’m working at it. So another thank you for being patient with me through this. If anyone has any suggestions on any design ideas, logos or colour schemes that would be great too.

If you feel like you need a place to vent or share what’s going on in your life then feel free to comment or if you have any advice for me then feel free to share your thoughts. I made this blog not just for me but for people struggling in their lives as well or people who have been going through mental health issues of their own. People from around the world have been viewing my blog so I feel like I should also try to find mental health sites, places or contact details for them as well so that’s another thing I’m also trying to work on. As everyone deserves help if they need it. I hope everyone is having a good day today 🙂

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