James Bond,007

James Bond,007So recently I’ve been going through the Daniel Craig James Bond movies. You know, instead of doing my dissertation research (Smooth move).

I grew up with James Bond and saw my first Bond movie when I was 7 or something. It was around that age anyway. I’ve seen every Bond movie there’s been and my favourite has to be Casino Royal. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it. The first movie I watched was Goldfinger with Sean Connery. I fell in love with the character and I guess in some way he’s a sort of hero of mine. Even the car in that movie (Aston Martin DB5) has always been my dream car. The characters class, intelligence, smooth talk with the ladies, cunning and calm demeanour have always been traits I wish I had. Nothing ever seems to phase him and he gets through and over any situation, no matter how impossible it may seem. He’s almost a sort of superhero. However, saying all of that, Daniel Craig has to be my favourite James Bond of all time. I say he’s my favourite because in my opinion, he brings a human side to the character. What I mean by this is that he does get beaten up, he isn’t always perfect and he does get emotionally hurt.  Casino Royal proved that. He’s the first James Bond I’ve actually been able to relate too. Like I said, he’s always appeared to be some kind of superhero and I’m not saying Daniel Craig’s Bond isn’t because he still has all those amazing traits and abilities the other Bonds have but the human side he brings to the character is really relatable. Not just to me but I’m sure to everyone in one way or another. He experiences love, heartbreak, loss, anger, frustration and even sometimes fear. Emotions I can relate too and emotions many of the other James Bonds fail to show sometimes. The 25th James Bond will be coming out I believe in the winter of 2019 and I am so happy Daniel Craig has returned to play the character. As I said earlier, if you haven’t seen the Daniel Craig Bond movies I highly recommend them. Even if you’re not a James Bond fan then I at least recommend you see Casino Royal.

Many apologies for this late post. I was meant to post it the other day but if any of you saw my last post, I’ve been feeling very down and quite suicidal. I’ve been feeling even worse over the last two days so I found finishing this post today difficult. I may write another post today about how I’m feeling and events that have been gong on with me but as the last post was so depressing I feel like I should just leave you with this one for now. Do any of you have thoughts on the character James Bond? Are you just of much as of a fan as me? If you have any thoughts or stories you feel like sharing about the character, just write something in the comments or if you just want to vent about what’s happening in your life then please do so. I’m not the only blogger on here who talks about mental health and a few of the people who are following my blog have really great blogs as well so I recommend having a look at them. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day :).

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